26/11 Attacks: Ajmal Kasab’s Confession & Have We Learn’t From It ?

It has been almost a decade post the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. These terrorist attacks were the worst thing to happen to any country in the world.

Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab happened to be the sole terrorist to be captured alive during the attacks.He confessed before the police, based on which the Mumbai police filed a 11,200-page charge-sheet giving out the detailed account of the events and those involved in the gruesome attacks that took place.

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In a dossier released soon after the deadly attacks, the Mumbai police stated that while interrogating Kasab, they had shown him a photocopy of Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi’s passport. Lakhvi is known to be one of the masterminds behind these attacks.

Kasab instantly identified him as being the one who briefed the team of 10 terrorist attackers that included him.

It was also mentioned in the dossier that Kasab claimed Lakhvi to be the key person in the LeT, and mastermind of Mumbai operations.

Lakhvi was also stated to be as one of the controllers in LeT’s media control room, as Kasab and others were shown their targets in Mumbai, on a huge screen.

After the ten terrorists were given mobile phones with Indian SIM cards, Lakhvi informed them that Zarar Shah had saved his number on the telephones, and given instructions as to how to call the number and inform them about their progress.

He then advised Ismail Khan to note down a few numbers in his diary. Lakhvi likewise gave Ismail Khan a satellite phone, before taking off.

November 22 was the day when the ten terrorists’ left Karachi for Mumbai. Following a 30 minute drive, they reached at a destination on the coast where Lakhvi was present.

He made them aware that Saeed and he had buckled down on the mission, and it was the duty of the ten gunmen to guarantee that they didn’t disappoint them.

The diligent work expected to pay off, he let them know. Lakhvi likewise instructed them to contact the media from Nariman House, Oberoi and Taj Hotels on cell phones, and instructed on what was to be said would be passed on to them later.Lakhvi then gave over maps of Mumbai and the picked targets to the ten terrorists.

The intention behind stating all this is, there is a lot to learn from what Kasab confessed regarding the 26/11 attacks.

Not only for us, but for the world. But have we really learn’t from it? Is the question we should ask ourselves. We must convert the information gotten, into knowledge. Only then will it be of any use.

We need to be more vigilant and beef up our security measures, to avoid such attacks in future. Else, innocent lives will continue to be at stake.

It is also necessary that we protect our youths from such brainwashing. Else, more Kasabs’ will be born. ISIS is a live example of this.

It is always wise to learn from past mistakes and experiences. Let’s pledge to create a better and safe world for all of us.

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