44-Year Bollywood Diva Lisa Ray Looking Hot & Sexy in Photo Shoot.


“There’s always been a lot more to me than just my overall look,” says Lisa Ray, who, besides her performing, has often been discussed about for her looks.

The performing professional contributes that she looks very different without make-up, and when she actions out without any, she “gauges” how people’s responses modify.


“On meeting me, lots of everyone is amazed how different I look in real life from the movies and includes I’ve done. That’s only natural.

In reality, that may be one of the factors I’ve selected movies such as Water (2005) and Veerappan, which are remarkably unglamorous.


I think I still task views. I love myself and don’t search for approval. That’s one of the best factors about aging. It’s incredibly relieving,” she says

Lisa lately did a strong picture capture for the coverage of a men’s journal. Dealing with the shoot, the performing professional shows that she was first reluctant about the venture.

“But I believed, this is a fantastic chance to display what a 44-year-old cancer survivor can look like,” she contributes.


The performing professional says that she wants to represent a picture of a cancer survivor that individuals aren’t used to seeing.

“It’s an application of activism when I appear looking excellent, especially as I’m someone who’s experiencing cancer and am 44 years of age,” she says.

Certain sites recognized Lisa’s picture capture with the conditions “sizzling” and “hot”.

Ask Lisa if these conditions are equal to objectification and whether it still happens to females more than men, and she says, “Yes, females are objectified much more and the press is partially responsible. I have noticed this for most of my entire lifestyle.

In India, individuals seem to want to decrease you, as a lady, to performances.”

The performing professional is also picking out a fragrance type of her own. Lisa says that she isn’t sure about whether she has a businesss-oriented thoughts.

“But I can tell you when I adhere to my heart, I never fail. I have noticed my company actions as lengthy as they are arranged to my individual principles.

You won’t discover me getting into company with a cigarettes product,” she remarked in a quite way.

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