Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav Chopra and Bani J Caught Intimate by Om Swami


The viral video challenge that decided the nominations last week, was fascinating. Housemates were split into two groups, that were led by Bani J and Lopamudra Raut.

Thats great!!

Each group had to shoot some viral video clips. The shot clips were assessed by none other than the ex- Bigg Boss contestant Sunny Leone.

There was neck to neck competition within the two groups. However, Lopa’s team, took the lead in the task.

Last night on Weekend ka Vaar with Salman Khan, a few segments from the viral video task were shown to the housemates to demonstrate what went on in the specific group rehersals.

Bani and Gaurav, as we all know did a steamy bathtub act and their objective was achieved as it definitely went popular amongst the viewers.

But the duo, who have become buddies within, went red after seeing their bathtub act, but the discomfort transformed into irritation easily, thanks to Om Swami, who passed comments about Bani and Gaurav’s dosti.

The creepy baba (yes, that’s what we address him) said that their chemistry within the bathtub was not an act, but a truth as Gaurav and Bani’s relationship is quite ‘intimate’.

Obviously, Bani and Gaurav didn’t appreciate his remark and requested him not to intrude into their life with his views.

But Om Swami being the dreadful individual he didn’t pause and defended his comment, until Salman intervened him and shifted to the next clip. Some individuals never understand.

Now we know that the self proclaimed Godman does things like these to gain ‘footage’, but it’s about time that he understands where to set the limit . We won’t be amazed if he is dumped out of the house in the future, thanks to his personal assassinations. What are your thoughts?

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