Did Kamal Haasan celebrate his 62nd birthday?


There are might be many stars but there are only few legends and he is none other than the Universal Hero, the charming king, Dr. Padhmabushan, Chevalier Kamal Haasan. On 7th November 2016, Monday it was his birthday.

Happy Birthday Kamal Haasan.

He has completed 56 years in the 100 years of Indian cinema and his age is 62 and has been undaunted in maintaining his niche in Indian cinema and has been an inspiration for many actors.

There were no celebrations because, as the performing expert put it, there is nothing have fun with.

His live in relation partner left him after 13 years staying him.

And he has not recovered from his leg fracture.

“My leg which suffered a multi-fracture in Aug suffered a neural trauma on Monday. The discomfort feeling is unbearable. I am on rest more often than not now. So there is hardly a room for celebration,” Kamal said in a weak conversation.

Every year he gets in his birthday celebration with two very dearest friends outside the film industry who share their birthday with him.

“But now I had to say no to their invites. There’s too much discomfort. I am sedated from physical discomfort. But the other discomfort is not something I want to go out in public with,” he said.


The quit of Kamal’s live in partner Gautami Tadimalla, has left him shaken. But he has handled himself and seems to be to comfortable.

“I am not about to have public breakdowns. Pain is nothing new to me. I’ve dealt with it all my whole life. But yes, it gets unpleasant on birthday when friends and fans want to meet up with you.”

Kamal is also avoiding fan meeting this birthday celebration.

“They would not like me hobbling on one leg and looking exhausted with rest. It gets unpleasant. This year, I’d rather be on my own.”

So is this the most frustrated birthday celebration of his life?

“No. My unhappiest birthday celebration was my 16th birthday celebration. I was aimless, directionless and without any purpose in everyday life. My father called me and gave me comfort .I still remember I shut myself in my room and cried bitterly. It is the only time I’ve cried on my birthday,” he kept in mind.

The actor-filmmaker has a lot on his plate, all with patience looking forward to the leg to heal.

“It’s truly frustrating. I want to be back to my feet. There is a film waiting to be completed. There is work to be done. But I am at home sedated against pain. It’s not a good feeling. All I ever preferred was work and someone at home to come back to.”

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