Kareena’s Shocking Statement on Ranbir Kapoor’s Ex-Girlfriend


Shocking Statement on Katrina Kaif

Kareena Kapoor Khan is always known to have fun in all her discussions. She says it like it is and never minces her terms – one of the very many features we really like about this lady.

She was lately on #NoFilterNeha and in a fast flame circular, she completely took a dig at Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone – both ex-girlfriends to her relative Ranbir Kapoor.


Bebo was requested ‘Who’s the better one?’ between Katrina and Deepika as a celebrity and as a sweetheart.

While Kareena selected Deepika as the better celebrity, she responded to the ‘as girlfriends’ bit with “none!”

The rumors lady of the profession, Kareena Kapoor Khan, has no issues about saying it as she recognizes it.

She is courageous, strong and out there, and we just really like that about her. More often than not, she has indicated how near she is to her sis Karisma Kapoor and cousin Ranbir Kapoor.

While the press was chatting about Ranbir and Katrina Kaif’s claimed connection, Kareena was the first one who fearlessly known as Kat her “sister-in-law” when she showed up on Karan Johar’s show, Koffee With Karan.

However, the acting professional who seems to have shared a very near connection with Katrina has modified her track now.

The acting professional, who is in her pregnancy’s last trimester, was in a discussion with Neha Dhupia on the actor’s podcast #NoFilterNeha.

During the discussion, Neha requested Kareena about who she believes was a better sweetheart to Ranbir — Deepika Padukone or Katrina Kaif.

Kareena within couple of a few moments said, “None.” Obviously, the acting professional, who on a nationwide tv route called as Katrina bhabhi,

Now believes that she wasn’t excellent enough for her cousin.

Before this, Kareena was also quizzed if she had to select any one out of Katrina and Deepika as an celebrity, who would it be?

The acting professional select Deepika over the former, which alerts towards a lovely connection converted bitter.

Katrina-Ranbir never talked about their connection until they both split up.

While Katrina said that she has progressed by doing ab exercises at the gym and creating herself stronger, Ranbir on #NoFilterNeha indicated how Katrina had an excellent influence on his lifestyle and how she was a significant individual.

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