OMG!! Why??Big Boss Fans Unhappy With Salman Khan

Image Source:Indian Express

Last week’s End of the week With Vaar introduced us clean and very hot minutes ending another interesting 7 days of Big Boss.

Salman Khan created yet another overall look and was none too satisfied with the week’s improvement by some of the participants. Probably considered as the best End of the week With Vaar so far this year.

Salman had a lot to say, and say it all he did! The Sultan acting professional was not at all pleased with the action shown by participants, Rahul Dev, Karan Mehra and Rohan Mehra during the 7 days, informing them off for wearing a boring display, and neglecting to amuse the listeners.

Salman went as far as to actually display video clips of the group of 3 lounging about in bed all day, going on to reprimand the reality that as superstars they are displaying zero passion or enjoyment in listening to the listeners.

While this group of 3 captured the impact of Salman’s frustration, other participants, Manveer Gurjar and Manoj Manu Punjabi recieved the finish reverse, making limitless compliment from Salman.

This, however, did not go so well wth Big Boss lovers, with many audiences getting to Tweets, leaving comments on how Salman was being unjust with the superstars. Many even went far as to condition that Salman Khan was being one-sided towards them.

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