5 Pre Gym activities you MUST to do before going to the Gym

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It is important to know that Pre gym activities are also important to stay fit and healthy. Often they are not given importance and simply ignored.

But, guess what?

What you do before hitting the gym is critical as it helps during your gym workout. Majority of us shoot up and dive like mercury.

Once in a while, our energy knows no limits and we are altogether ready to work out two hours consistently.

On the other hand, we hit absolute bottom and notwithstanding getting ourselves off our beds is not feasible.

Be that as it may, there are sure ways which can help us adhere to our schedules. Be it through inspiration to get more fit for an upcoming wedding or simply remaining in a decent shape, the below things will help you get in shape effectively and adhere to your exercise regimen.

Here is a list of things you must do before heading for a workout.

1.Hydrate well:

Hydrating your body is the key before you begin with exercising. The quantity of water you drink differs based on your gender, age and body statistics. As a standard, drink about 590 ml of water

prior to your gymming session. It has to be a minimum of half an hour before. Intake quantity which does not make you feel bloated. It can give you a stomach ache during exercising.

2.Good amount of rest:

A good night’s rest is all you need for an effective workout. A well rested body is better prepared and will make you feel full of energy. Ensure that you do not hit the gym in a lazy mood. There should be a gap between your resting time and exercise time. This is necessary to avoid a rigid body.

3.Go and get an exercise wear:

This is the thing we tend to ignore the most. Investing in this would benefit you in two ways. It will help you perform better during your exercise regimen due to its elastic and comfort properties. It would also motivate you to hit the gym.

4.Eat well before going to the gym:

Typically our morning exercise schedules do exclude eating before hitting the gymnasium. We get up, spruce up and go ahead.

Yet, for a superior and high intensity workout, have something before your workout. Some great choices are bananas, apples, low-sugar protein bars, or protein shakes.

Take an effort at keeping up a gap of at least an hour between eating and working out or you may wind up nauseating. Choice is yours.

5.Drink black coffee:

Coffee is known as a catalyst for thermogenesis. This assists body to generate energy from the food. Thus more fat is burnt. Caffeine helps to mobilize fatty acids from tissues, which boosts the performance by 12%. What more can you ask for.

Do not forget these mantras and practice them to observe the benefits. It will definitely improve your exercise regime to that of the existing one. Gain maximum benefit. After all, you are putting your blood and sweat into it !

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