5 Tips For An Ideal First Day Gym Workout ! Must for Beginners

Made a new year resolution? All set to join a gym? Wondering how would be your first day gym Workout?

Many would feel apprehensive as far as the last question is concerned. Some would even get goose bumps. Well, this is pretty natural. Especially, if you are a first time goer.
Hey, but do not worry as we will be telling you how to approach that first day at gym. How to go about your workout. You can consider them to be first day tips at gym. Hope that they would help to reduce your nervousness and you have a rocking start!!!

1.Do not go overboard:


The thing that you’re in the gymnasium in any case likely means you needed to move a couple of things around in your life keeping in mind the end goal to set aside a few minutes for the resolution. You’re presently making a move towards stronger bones, huge muscles, and more strength. All things considered, lifting weights can bring about injury if done incorrectly or hastily. To stay away from an injury, proper technique and amount is very critical.

If you wish to have a good gym experience, do just three or four activities on your first day. Along these lines you won’t be excessively sore, and you can recoup all the more adequately for another workout. Gradually work your way up to lift heavier weights. No hurry!

2.Begin with a compound lift:


Four of the major muscle-building lifts happen to be the overhead press, bench press, barbell squat and the dead-lift. A good practice is to do one of these lifts to begin with, then catch up with supporting exercises for power and strength.

E.g. Do a few sets of bench press. At that point do another chest work out—this time, one that is a solitary joint exercise. Doing one “push” session like a bench press or squat succeeded by one “pull” session like a leg curl or lat pull down is surefire approach to develop your back and trunk equitably. Since it’s your first day, utilize the push/pull pattern to leave no muscle idle.

3.Note down everything:

Note down everything

You can just truly take note of your progress on the off chance that you know where you began. On your first day itself, start maintaining a log with all your current stats. Record the exercises, sets, reps, weight lifted, and rest you take all through each workout. Your beginning numbers will give you the fulfilment of evaluating what you cut out in iron.

4.Rejuvenate with protein:

Rejuvenate with protein

Restoring your muscles with appropriate supplements is the most imperative thing you can do after you’ve completed the lifting sessions. Having a high-protein meal, or supplementing with a quality protein powder, is your best game-plan. As indicated by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a general proposal for athletes is 1–2 grams of protein for each pound of body weight every day.

5.Don’t be shy and ask for help:

Don't be shy and ask for help

So whether you need some assistance with your barbell back squat frame or you’re only looking for your medicine balls, don’t be hesitant to approach a trainer for a hand. You’ll resemble a pro. Especially, if its your first day at the gym.

These tips are also important in order to keep injuries at bay. Therefore, consider this to be a guide as you begin to go to the gym.

Live long, live strong !!!!

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