7 Sure Shot Methods to Reduce Belly Fat Instantly!!


Most of us have a tendency to accumulate fat near our tummies. The fat accumulated at other places like arms and thighs goes away comparatively easily. But not in case of tummies. It is simply stubborn and does not go away easily ! Sometimes, not even after sweating it out for months in gym. Especially, in case of women.

What’s your experience regarding this? Are you facing this problem?

Well, if you are tired of trying everything and still got that tyre resembling stomach, then you are at the right destination.

Here we have compiled a rundown of 7 sure shot methods that would help you to reduce Belly Fat and give you those fab abs. Those that you dreamt of!

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Guess what?

These are in no way tedious. Instead, these are the things you do frequently. It is just the case that you need to do them in the RIGHT MANNER. We are going to tell you the right way to do these.

1.Get sufficient rest:


By rest we mean sleep. WebMD threw light on a research that demonstrated that individuals who had sleep for 6-7 hours a night obtained less amount of visceral fat over a 5 year time frame. This was in contrast with the individuals who rested under 5 hours, and more than 8 at night.

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2.Try to keep stress at bay:


Everybody needs to manage stress and anxiety in some form and at some time in their life – however, WebMD clarifies that it’s the means by which you manage it, that will keep you healthy. Try and spend some time with your loved ones, take a shot at meditating, and give exercising a shot to dispose off some of that bad energy. When you feel less pushed will undoubtedly settle on better decisions all around.

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3.Water content:


Tummy fat may leave you feeling bloated – yet in the event that you’re hoping to shed that fat Cosmopolitan notes that it is so imperative to remain hydrated. The magazine says that drinking the suggested 8 glasses of water a day will hold your metabolic rate under control, and help your body run better – so your workouts will be may more successful.

4.Don’t skip protein intake:


The specialists over at Prevention say that a high protein intake might ensure against insulin resistance – which is great, on the grounds that as you age your body begins to deliver more insulin which brings about more stomach fat. In any case, getting protein doesn’t mean you need to heap meat on your plate. Add protein powder to your smoothies, and eat more nuts. That will do the trick.

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5.Try some vinegar:


Prevention threw light on a Japanese research that said individuals who had a tablespoon or two of vinegar every day for 8 weeks demonstrated a decline in muscle to fat ratio. Experts say that the acids present in the vinegar may produce proteins that consume the fat. Fuse vinegar in your plate of mixed greens.

6.Cardio workouts are of great help:


Cardio will help you target fat on your gut, and wherever else. Prevention states on the off chance that you concentrate on anything that will get your heart rate up – like running, cycling, or swimming – you’re certain to burn that fat straight away.



Don’t simply plunge into your stomach exercises next time. Cosmopolitan clarifies that on the off chance that you don’t agile up, your body will depend more on your hips and back to do the abdominal muscle workouts as opposed to focusing on the muscles you need.

Well, to conclude, we recommend that you do these things under proper guidance and see the results they give you. If you find them to be effective spread by word of mouth.

Stay fit! Stay active! Live long!

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