Reduce Stress:9 Best Ways To Reduce Stress !

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Stress and anxiety have increased many folds amongst majority of today’s individuals. The reasons can range from family life to work related tensions. Our life has become such. Not just this, we are stressed out thinking about how to reduce stress!

Guess what,

From now on, you do not need to worry thinking about how to reduce stress. That’s because, here we are going to discuss about easy ways to reduce stress.

Before proceeding with ways to reduce stress, let’s see a few things about stress.

Stress and It’s Causes:

Stress is basically a part of our lives. It is normal to have it in control. In fact, in many cases, it comes in handy. It can motivate an individual to shell out his maximum potential. Be it running the final lap of a marathon or achieving deadlines at work. However, if you do not get a control over it, and it becomes long term, then there is a big problem. It can affect your work, health and family life. So, be aware!

Everybody has different stress triggering factors. Work related stress would top the list.

Here are a few triggering factors of stress:

  • Being unhappy in your job.

  • Working for extended hours

  • Emotional problems

  • Death of a close and dear one

  • Worrying about the future

  • Loss of job

  • Cracking an interview

  • Approaching exams etc.. and the list happens to continue.

Now, let’s move on to the effects of stress on your overall health:

When you are in a stressful condition, your body dispatches a physical reaction. Your nervous system springs energetically, discharging hormones that set you up to either fight or run away. It’s known as the “fight or flight” reaction, and it’s the reason, when you’re in an upsetting circumstance, you may see that your pulse accelerates, you’re breathing gets faster, your muscles tense, and you begin to sweat. This sort of stress is short-term and brief (intense stress), and your body typically recoups rapidly from it.

But if your stress levels continue for a longer period of time, then it can affect your health. Also called as chronic stress. The continuous flow of stress hormones in our body can put it under severe wear and tear. Thus speeding the aging process and making it prone to illness.

Some of the signs of stress are:

  • Fatigue

  • Upset stomach

  • Lack of sleep

  • High blood pressure

  • Heart attack etc.

Now well will see the ways to reduce stress:


Laughter is known to be a stress buster. Study shows that each time you laugh it out, oxygen flows through the organs, there is a rise in the blood flow. Stress is thus reduced.

2.Play with your pet:

When you play with your pet, even for a small amount of time, it helps the secretion of feel good hormones. These help to decrease the amount of harmful stress hormones.

3.Clear the clutter:

If there is clutter around you, it is said to bring on anxiety in you. Therefore, according to experts, de-clutter to become stress free. A clean and tidy space makes you feel good.

4.Do housework:

Go on with your household chores while listening to music in the background. It will help burn calories and relieve you from stress. A good sleep is guaranteed.

5.Drink juices:

Vit. C present in orange juice helps manage stress. They keep the levels of stress hormone cortisol, under check.

6.Sing loudly:

Singing helps to make your mood happier and relieves you from stress as well. So, sing loudly no matter how bad it is.


Exercising is a proven stress buster. It produces endorphins that induces the feel good factor in you. One of the easy exercises is walking.

8.Have sex:

Having sex helps by reducing your blood pressure. It also makes you feel intimate.

9.Practice deep breathing:

Think into some lavender or rosemary aromas and take a profound whiff. In the event that you lean towards not to utilize fragrances, hone the act of profound breathing routinely. This sends oxygen surging through your circulatory system, quieting down and beat stress.

Begin to practice these techniques time to time. They would be useful to relieve that stress of yours.

Live a stress free life!!

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