Avoid This 7 Fashion Trends To Prevent Back Pain

Source:Health Newsline

Back pain has almost become an integral part of life owing to our lifestyle. Our sitting habits, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, ignorance etc. are some of the causes for back pain.

But can you believe that following certain fashion trends might lead to back pain?

Now, this is crazy!

Is what many of you might think. However, it is true. There are some fashion practices or trends that may cause back pain. Sometimes, it can aggravate as well.

Therefore, it is better off to keep away from these fashion trends. If at all you cannot resist the temptation, then once in a while is the key. May be on some special occasions. Rest of the times, avoid them.

The reality of the fashion business is that it obliges a world that does not exist. Who might readily exit onto the road wearing a cap fit as a fiddle of a peacock and eight-crawl heels, other than the flawless women in Sex and the City? Indeed, even a number of those conditioned down things that make it into the high road stores are not reasonable for ordinary wear.

All it takes to bring about an injury, and possibly long haul issues are to wander out on the town too often in high heels with a substantial sack threw more than one shoulder. The legs, the back, the shoulders, the spine, and the neck, can all pay a cost in your quest for fashion.

We want to wear them, and even persuade ourselves that they are trendy and comfortable. Be that as it may, we overlook that our feet are not by any means the only portion of our body that we are bargaining for fashion.

Here is a rundown of the fashion practices you need to avoid:

1.Tight wear:

Using tight clothes, or body hugging wear now and then might end into compression of nerves

in your back. Hindrance in hip joint movement is also one of the symptoms in people following such fashion trends. This puts pressure on the spine as well that might lead to back ache.

This is what experts say. Apart from this, such clothes also make you uncomfortable as they are tight in nature.

2.Body fit jeans:

Wearing body tight jeans puts pressure on joints as they fit tightly around the waist, calves, hips etc.

Adding to this, keeping your purse or any other belongings in the rear pocket of your jeans leads to an imbalance in your hips while you sit.

Sitting in such positions for long hours might lead to hip or back pain. Therefore, avoid wearing such tight jeans.

3.High heels:

High heels can be awful for your feet and back and can bring about the calf muscles to abbreviate, which can prompt to circulation issues, knee harm and back torment.

It is essential to wear comfortable shoes on the off chance that you plan to walk a distance.

Also, the probability of you falling and getting injured also increases. Some also dance wearing high heels which is a strictly no no. Flat footwear is anytime better than high heels.

4.Styling hair on one side:

This can be said to be applicable especially for women as they have long hair. The volume of hair is also large.

Styling your hair on one side may be the β€œin” thing or fashionable in nature, but you are doing injustice to your neck. It results into bending of the neck on one side and the chin to the opposite one.

This thing is termed as the wry neck. Neck pain can further transform into back pain. Posture is the key to avoid back pains.

5.Heavy neck jewellery:

When you adorn your neck with heavy gems, it puts weight on the muscles, ligaments and joints of the neck.

Anything that pulls the neck, tips the head far from its original or ideal position and can develop neck pressure, torment and harm.

Therefore, it is advisable to use light jewellery, especially for your neck.

6.Close fitting skirts:

Skirts that fit tight, tend to pull your knees towards each other leading to lack of free movement. After a while, the pain and the strain can increase and result into slip discs or pulled muscles.

7.Big handbags:

The larger the bag, the more stuff you will put in it. Including additional weight on one side of your body is one of the greatest back agony causes.

At whatever point you carry added weight on one side of your body, it causes your spine to bend and that prompts to back pain indications.

Apart from these, some of the major causes of back pain are improper position while sitting. Incorrect level at which your computer is placed.

Such and other things put strain on your back and initiate pain that can last for a long time.

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