The Fastest & Healthy Ways To Get A Six Pack Abs & Here is How to Do

abs excercise

Tired of using those painful and gruesome techniques to get those dream six pack abs? Well, now there is a good news for all.

Guess what?

Over here, we are going to tell you about some techniques which are effective to give you your instant six pack abs. Excited to know about them? Keep some patience and continue to read as we take you through them, one by one.

Here’s your answer on how to get those six pack abs really fast ? So, know about them, make use of them and get those amazing six pack abs.

Best Abs Exercises & How to do it:

1. Alligator Drag:


– Begin with a push up position.
– Place your feet on the slides, plates or towels. These are helpful in keeping the friction to the minimum.
– Now walk forward at least up to 10 yards. Take a break for a few minutes.
– Repeat till you reach the point of start.
– You are done with one set, go for another.


This workout helps to strengthen your core and burns the excess calories due to additional movement. A perfect combo of cardio, balance and strength. You would see super fast results.

Here is Video of How to do Alligator Drag:-

2. Slide Plank:

This is another easy way to get those dashboard abs in place.


– Lie on the left side such that the elbow comes below the shoulder. Legs need to be stacked.
– Keep your right hand either on your left shoulder or the right hip.
– Support your abs and lift the hips off the floor such that the body looks diagonal. Weight should be on your forearm and feet. Stay in this position for about 30 to 45 seconds. If not, stay as much time as you can. Repeat the same for another side as well.


This is an effective abs technique as the support is on two joints only, and not four. Unlike the traditional plank technique. The core is thus worked out more for a harder core. A couple of other

stabilisation techniques include the anti-rotation hold and the usual plank method.

Here is Video of  How to do Slide Plank:-

3. Walkout from the Push-up Position:


– Begin in a push up position. Place hands two inches wider than the shoulders.
– Walk out the hands to the limits. Then bring them back again.
– Repeat the process for 10-12 times.

Difficulty level:Lift one leg while walking out the hands.

Effectiveness:Entire body movement is involved in this, because there is use of both hands and legs. The resistance provides strength to your entire core area.

Here is Video of How to do Walkout from the Push-up Position:-

4. Cable Rotation:


– Hold a cable with both your hands pointed in the front direction. The position should be under shoulder level.
– Maintain your arms fixed and straight, with abs occupied.
– Now move your upper body in the left direction, and back to the center. Then towards the right hand side and back to the center.

This can be called as one set. Repeat this for 10 times.

Here is Video of How to do Cable Rotation:-

5. Bicycle Crunch:


– Lie on the back and place hands behind the head. Bend your knees such that the legs stay in 90 degree position.

– Do alternate sides by bringing your right elbow towards your left knee and then your left elbow towards your right knee. Do this building up to 60 seconds.

– Try to hold the crunch for a two count on both the sides. This enables a concentrated and slower movement of the body.

Thus, these were a few exercises to loose belly fat and get a toned and flat stomach easily. You can try them out with proper guidance. You can see the results for yourself, if you do them on a consistent basis.

Here is Video of How to do Bicycle Crunch:-

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