The Latest Way To Reduce Weight by Walking, Here’s How!

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There are many ways for weight reduction. Some are easy ways, while others require efforts. One of the easiest ways to reduce weight is by walking ! Yes, you do not believe? That’s true. We are going to see exactly this, in today’s blog.


Burn your fat just by walking daily. Here’s how to do it.

1.Pile up 15,000 steps per day:

Step climbing is considered to be effective for weight loss. It helps to burn calories. Keep a track of how many steps you walk each day. A fitness band can help you in this. At first you will find it difficult, and get some sore muscles. But as you practice doing it, it would be a smooth sail for you. So, start walking up or down your office stairs. Avoid the lift.

2.Take a smart walk:

It is a smart world and everything today is smart. Right from your mobile phone to any of the gadgets you are using. So should be your exercise routine.

Going for small walks whenever possible can help you to get in shape. You can use tricks like parking the car away from your house, climbing stairs instead of the lift, going to nearby shops walking instead of your bike. These are some smart walking ways you can adapt.

3.Have green tea before walk:

An increased metabolism rate is necessary to burn the fats in your body. Green tea helps achieve exactly that. The perfect mixture of caffeine and catechins in it help trigger the fat burning process. So, have your cup of green tea and then venture out for the walk for best results. One of the many benefits of having green tea.

4.Alter the pace and keep taking a minutes’ break:

Nobody likes repetitiveness, so does our bodies. Keeping up a steady rate while strolling ought to be discarded and walking at alternate speeds ought to be integrated in your walking schedule. Research demonstrates that this adjustment by and by can improve calorie burn by 20 %. Additionally, attempt and incorporate one-minute interims in your walking stint, this will help you smolder considerably more calories.

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5.Walking up a climb:

Walking up a climb ensures more work for your muscles and thus increased metabolic rate. The end result is faster weight reduction. You must have seen that your heart rate has increased while climbing uphill. Remember to be slow and steady in your approach. After all, slow and steady wins the race. Keep on increasing the frequency of uphill walks to gain maximum.

6.Walking+Body weight exercises:

Most likely walking is an astonishing activity for your body, it is stunning for keeping your body going. What’s more, if walking is clubbed with bodyweight works out, it can just do wonders. Be it doing 15-20 squats, slant pushups or plunges, these activities help in raising your heart beat prompting to a stunning workout routine by and large. An ideal way to loose weight.

7.Abandon sugary drinks:

Do you think drinking thick sugary beverages like Gatorade do great to your workout schedule? Indeed, shockingly, these beverages are a major no-no if doing less vigorous workout schedule. This is on account of these sugary beverages really give you far more than the measure of calories burnt amid a low-intensity workout.


These are some of the fruitful and easy ways to reduce the excess weight from your body. Be slim and stay fit is the mantra!

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