40 Most Adventurous & Beautiful Places Of North East India Not To Miss This Places

North Eastern region of India which is otherwise called the seven sisters, is linked with East India by means of a small corridor that lies between Nepal and Bangladesh. On the off chance that you adore nature and greenery, going to North East is an absolute necessity for you as it has some genuine surprises for you. We take a look at the most exciting destinations through the means of pictures. These would definitely persuade you, to visit the North East. If you do not visit, you would definitely miss on something in your life!

1. Kangchenjunga:

kanchanjunga sikkim


2. Teesta River:



3. The Red Panda:



4. Rumtek Monastery:



5. Beautiful Orchids:



6. Neer Mahal:



7. Unakoti Hills:



8. Ujjayanta Palace:



9. Bamboo Forest:



10. Phayre’s Leaf Monkeys:



11. Reiek Mizoram:



12. Phawngpui Peaks:

Phawngpui Peaks


13. Kut Festival:

Kut Festival


14.Tam Dil Lake:

Tam Dil Lake


15. Vantawang Fall:

Vantawang Fall


16. Singda Dam Manipur:

Singda Dam Manipur


17. Loktak Lake:

Loktak Lake


18. Sangai Deer:

Sangai Deer


19. War Cemeteries:

War cemeteries


20. Shree Govindaji Temple:

Shree Govindaji Temple:


21. Dzukou Valley:

Dzukou Valley


22. Mon Nagaland:

Nagaland Mon


23. Blyth’s Bird:

Blyth’s Bird


24. Touphema Tourist Village:

Touphema Tourist Village


25. Mokokchung:



26. The Great Indian Hornbill:

The Great Indian Hornbill


27. Dawki Meghalaya:

Dawki Meghalaya


28. Umiam Lake:

Umiam Lake


29. Mawsmai Caves:

Mawsmai Caves


30. Nohkalikai Falls:

Nohkalikai Falls


31. Living Root Bridges:

Living Root Bridges


32. Tea Gardens ASSAM:

Tea Gardens ASSAM


33. Bihu Festival:

India Bihu festival


34. Kamakhya Temple:

Kamakhya Temple


35. Majuli River Island:

Majuli River Island


36. One Horned Rhinoceros:

One Horned Rhinoceros


37. Kaziranga National Park:

Kaziranga National Park


38. Tawang Monastery Aurnachal Pradesh:

Tawang Monastery Aurnachal Pradesh

39. Sela Pass:

Sela Pass


40. Gorichen Peak:

Gorichen Peak

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