This Happens To Be The Most Adventurous Yet Dangerous Rail Route In India !

Be it going for your excursions to your nana-nani’s home or wherever else for some adventure; travel via trains is constantly loaded with fervor and fun! Also, imagine a scenario where your adventure is through the beautiful Assam. What’s more, that too on a meter gauge track with around 30+ tunnels, one of them being 1972 feet long!! Phew! A lot for a thrill ride huh?!!

Here we are talking about the rail route between Lumding and Haflong. The railway route between Lumding and Haflong is a perfect blend of astonishing and scary. The dense and lush green forest and nature conspicuous to the brutalities committed by Black Widow, the feared terrorist group that frequents these parts and routinely abducts train workers and engineers. This is one of the bloodiest railroad courses around. Ready to take a shot at it?? Enter at your own risk!

Watch Here Most Dangerous Stretch of Indian Raliway

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