Planning A Goa Trip? Here are Not To Wear Things To Avoid Embarrassment !

It’s that season of the year when things in Goa kick into high rigging. The climate is still cool after the intense summer last year, the shacks are setting up for the season and individuals from all over, are filling Goa for a solid dosage of fun and the sun!

Furthermore, clearly you need to be a piece of everything as well. So, just get set and go!

Yet, wait…avoid the flinch worthy tactless act that few confer when going to the sunny shorelines and you are ensured to return with wonderful pictures and a much more amazing outing…embarrassment avoided too! Here’s a little guide on what not to wear in your Goa trip.

1. High heels:


Women, you as a whole love your collection of those attractive stilettos, yet, save your feet the torment and abandon them at home. Can you envision each agonizing stride with pencil heels in the sand?! Remember, a fall is not considered here! In the event that you truly can’t manage without heels, then settle for a sensible pair of wedges.

2. Underwear, when in water!:


Because it seems to be similar does not mean your innerwear serves for swimwear. It ambushes the eyes of every one of those around and is not intended for swimming, particularly in the pool since the microfibers block the channels.

It does not mean that you do not wear it at other times!

3. Excess makeup:


Unless you require to resemble a raccoon and scare those around you on vacation, avoid exorbitant make up. The water and dampness will guarantee that any overwhelming make up will run and destroy so it’s best to keep it straightforward and light. Else, you will be on a scaring spree!!!

4. No socks please:


No expert required to tell you how they smell when they get wet, plus the sand particles. Give your feet the pleasure to walk on sand instead.

5. Hair products:



Windswept shoreline hair is trendy. Give your hair a chance to be normal as any abundance styling will undoubtedly be demolished in the moistness and clearly in the water as well. In the event that it needs subduing, carry a handkerchief or a hair band. That’s it!!

6. Oil:


Make the most of your back rub at the spa then shower before you get in the pool. Body oil dirties the pool, which is a conspicuous no-no. What’s more, in the event that you choose to lie in the sun, canvassed in oil, be set up to be grilled!

7. Leather:



Imagine what can leather do to you when you walk in moist air with sun shining bright. It would give you that sweaty and sticky feeling. After all, it is your choice.

8. Closed footwear:



Unless you’re there to go to a wedding, a gathering or a memorial occasion, there is definitely no motivation to wear shut shoes on the shoreline. Likewise, why might you need to stroll around with sand filled in your shoes?

9. Miss fit swim wear:


Do you truly need your privates to be on public view for the whole world to see? It’s clearly a stupid question. Simply ensure everything is tucked and tied at the correct places and doesn’t go sheer when wet.

10. Accessories:


An excessive number of embellishments or exceptionally stout metal ornaments will undoubtedly be awkward and over-the-top for the shoreline. It might look awesome on a model in a magazine however is not really handy. Additionally, maintain a strategic distance from costly adornments as you may hazard losing it in the sand.

Just follow these guidelines and a thrilling, adventurous and sexy Goa adventures assured !

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