Auto Rickshaw Drivers Threaten Woman for Booking Uber Cab


Today we describes here the fight between the auto driver and the Uber cab driver for picking up the passenger in a restricted area.

Most of the common people today, while there is demonetisation and deficiency of currency in hand now, depend a lot on the online cab solutions.

These cab networks are easy to choose, hassle-free and even less expensive than the autos and taxis that cost excessive prices.

Just like a lot of us would do, Vidya Gopalakrishnan in Kerala, obviously reserved a cab from the Ernakulam railway station to Kakkanad and they were stopped by auto rickshaw drivers who asked her to get off.

Gopalakrishnan shared a YouTube video of a couple of autorickshaw drivers stopping the cab from leaving the place. Conversing in Malayalam, these people blackmailed the cab driver asking him why did he pick the passenger from the station when he knows it’s a ‘written rule’.

And when they see the woman shooting videos, the enraged auto drivers tell her that it’s going to be of no use.

The team of auto drivers kept annoying the girl and the cab driver, regardless of her letting them know that it is her recommended mode of travelling because she feels secured and confident. In the spoken words, after revealing her choice, she even asked if there is any such law that prevents on chosing the internet reserved cabs in that place.

The auto man say there is a ‘written rule’ by the Transport Commission that these cabs aren’t permitted, and confronted her that she will have to take her baggage and quit if she doesn’t agree!

Watch Video Here:-

Vidya Gopalakrishnan posted on facebook about video

The video which I took in my phone have been shared by countless amount of people. Thank you for sharing and spreading the word. However, I have noted that some of the facts are wrongly given in some posts and reports. I wasn’t physically assaulted by anyone from yesterday morning’s incident. But the driver was assaulted, and that was in front of the police. Please support the driver too, because unless he had been brave enough to stand up to the drivers and the police, this wouldn’t have been possible. I hope he is safe too.”

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