Why Bankers Supporting to Demonetization of 500 and 1000 Notes


An manager at a bank in Mumbai told the people of Bombay about what it is like for them during this demonetization interval.

On Nov 8, PM Modi declared that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes won’t be regarded as lawful soft. He said that the shift was taken to control black money.


After that, the country has gone into craze with many with remaining no money available.

However, even lenders weren’t aware of PM’s shift until he created the statement. They were also taken by shock just like others.

“I’m the manager at a bank. On 8th Nov, I was working a bit delayed when my spouse called me and said, ‘how did you not tell me that 500 and 1000 Rupee notes are getting scraped’ and I was left stunned.

None of us had any concept what was going on…we just realized it was large. So we went into work the next day, be prepared for the next day but no quantity of planning could absolutely make us ready for what was arriving,” she said.

She says people’s perspective of the whole scenario has been restricted to the lines. They don’t know what is being conducted in bank which she describes is entirely different.

“We became an aspect of the unclean pattern that works in this country. On one end there were chaiwallas, istriwallas who are lining up to down payment their money but on the other end we’re getting black money that had been saved for a long period probably and all this money odors like rotten leather.

Bankers like have to cope with every type of hassle developed by company presentation. But, she says that due to the shift those who were having black money are out of the bag.

“From battles splitting out and cops officers all the surrounding to knowledgeable individuals storming our workplaces and strongly asking us your money can buy — we’ve handled it all,” she said.

She provided an example of a builder who’s had a currency consideration with their bank for many decades. “Suddenly, he has over 300 crores in black money, but before this he stated to have none at all — that’s how unclean the company is.”

She requests individuals have patience as it is an excellent shift that will enhance our country.

“I know what the most popular man is going through as well, but what can we probably do? We’ve hardly rested these previous times, we’re not implementing any Saturdays and Sundays off. We’re all in the same scenario, we just need to sit restricted and comprehend that actions are being taken to aid the procedure — this is for the way forward for our country and the least we can all do at a moment like this is have tolerance and believe that everything will be okay soon,” she said.

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