Bermuda Triangle: Is The Mystery Solved?

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It has been ages and there is no answer for the reason behind the bermuda triangle and here the researchers have solved the mystery.


Covering more than half a million square miles of ocean situated between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rica, the phrase “Bermuda Triangle” was first given by author Vincent H. Gaddis in 1964.

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Experts claim they’ve solved Bermuda Triangle mystery


The place is dangerous for (mysterious) the uncommonly huge number of airplane and ships that get vanished.

In a new Science Channel Documentary, meteorologists declare that a unique type of cloud situated in the region could be behind a number of the disappearances.

The hexagonal-shaped cloud, ranging between 20 and 50 miles across, can cause incredibly localized high winds which, they think, could be the cause of some of the previously-unexplained occurrences.

“These types of hexagonal forms over the sea are actually, ‘air bombs,” said Dr Randy Cerveny of Arizona State School.

“They’re established by what are called microbursts. They’re explosions of air that come down out of the base of the clouds and hit the sea, and they make huge waves that can sometimes be large in size once they start to get in contact with each other.”

However, some professionals have questioned the meteorologist’s statements NBC’s Kevin Corriveau said: “When I look at a hexagonal cloud shaped in the Bahamas, this is not the cloud trademark of what a microburst looks like.

You would normally have one huge to incredibly huge storm that would not have an opening at the center.”

Others have outlined that, while there have indeed been a variety of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, they are mathematically “relatively insignificant” like lots for planes and ships take that pathway.

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