OMG!! Flipkart Complains that Amazon Copies Everything From Us


With the new year just round the corner, and this being time for sales offers, online shopping giants Flipkart and Amazon are in for a war once again. This time around, it is Flipkart who has started it.

Remember? Even last year there was a round of allegations between the various shopping portals. It is deja vu time again!

Flipkart this time, has accused its rival Amazon. You might be wondering, what is Flipkart complaining about ? Well, you will have to read further in order to know the details, as we reveal them.

“Copying us,” is what Kalyan Krishnamurthy, stated. Him being Flipkart’s head of advertising and commerce segment, when questioned about the fast and huge leaps Amazon has made throughout the current year. Krishnamurthy was talking at a combined interview with Flipkart CEO Binny Bansal.

“We came up with the construct of BBDs, they copied that. When we have a bank offer, they have it as well.” he added.

“They copy everything, or they wait for someone from somewhere to tell them what to do. Just by pouring money into the market you cannot get anywhere.” were his exact words during the interview.

However, the complaints of duplicating have put a sparkling focus on one of Indian startup world’s harsh truths – Flipkart, India’s most respected startup, and the pride of its eco-community, is intensely inspired by Amazon, the organization that it is currently blaming for copying it. See the irony!

Flipkart’s go-to-market showcase strategy was likewise uncannily like that of Amazon’s – like Amazon, Flipkart began its business by selling books.

Books are an awesome item to begin an Internet business with – they don’t have issues similar to garments, and are moderately priced as well to not frighten off first time buyers. Flipkart unmistakably comprehended this technique of Amazon’s, and adopted it in India.

Krishnamurthy ought to know some things regarding investing into the market, and not reaching anyplace – Flipkart has raised over Rs. 24,000 crore in this way, and pumped the vast majority of it into charming Indian buyers through rebates and advertising.

It functioned admirably for some time – owing to its money might, Flipkart could push aside medium and small stores, retailers, and other online firms to rise as India’s biggest web based shopping site. At that point Amazon entered the nation in 2013, and by most records, is presently beating Flipkart unexpectedly.

This doesn’t detract from Flipkart’s operations in India. It moved quick, and effectively arranged the nation’s caprices to assemble into a profitable, standard internet business organization.

In one of its greatest accomplishments, it was the only organization to adopt Cash on Delivery standard yet it wasn’t the first – Indiatimes was on with COD requests years before Flipkart. Keeping in mind it has made service advancements that have no parallels at Amazon, they haven’t worked out quite as well.

Both Ping, its social chat service, and its picture search product, which were launched with much exhibition a year ago, have since discreetly been covered. Its strong app-only technique, which both Amazon and Snapdeal had freely talked against, has likewise been racked.

Flipkart’s simply not okay with Amazon’s growth as of late. Be that as it may, such attacks on Amazon aren’t helping it even a bit – its most recent remarks have been met with much eye-rolling and criticism from the startup group.

Flipkart is India’s leader startup – it would do well to fight Amazon on products and market-share, than on requests to patriotism and written falsification.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the near future!

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