Jalal Brothers Gift “Explosive Santa Prank”This Christmas, You Can’t Stop Laughing!

Jalal brothers are back again doing what they can do best. It is yet another prank this time, and it is called as the “Explosive Santa Prank”. They have posted the video on their official Facebook page and YouTube as well.

Watch New Christmas Prank Video Here:-

This time around as well, the video is sure to make you laugh. Such is the fun factor in it. This time as well, they happen to scare the hell out of the people. In this one, they have turned into a Santa Claus handing out explosives as gifts to the passers by. They continue to do such things, even though it landed them in trouble sometime back.

Talking about this video posted recently, one can see a person dressed as Santa and standing besides a lake. A man can be seen alongside him, obviously, happy to see a Santa. He takes a selfie and awaits his gift. Just then, the Jalal prankster puts his hand into his bag and…..removes a….dynamite!!! and hands it over to the man!! Can you imagine that? Scared as hell the man throws it away and jumps into the water. Ha..ha for the Jalal lovers.

Scene two, and the Santa is waiting outside a house, a bungalow. Ringing his bell. Two small children come out of the house alongside their mother..running. Obviously, in anticipation of a gift from the beloved Santa. Just as the two kids pose beside him for a picture, guess what? The Santa unzips his coat, and inside lie the explosives attached to his chest. A suicide bomber! Reaction? Can you believe?

The mother runs away leaving the children there! OMG! The kids don’t know where to run. OMG…

The next prank will leave you in splits! Two men walking down the stairs. Santa comes from behind and hits with his bag on the head of one man and runs. The other man tries to catch up with him. Definitely worth a giggle!

The last clip is similar to the starting one wherein dynamite sticks come out from the bag and are given to a man. The video ends with the pranksters being busted by the cops. Jalal brothers for you!!

Watch Jalal brother’s Previous Prank:


Meanwhile, Jalal brothers were ordered to apologize publicly for their ‘terrorist’ kind of bomb pranks. Earlier they were arrested by the counter-terrorism police in a raid conducted. May be the same which we saw in the video.

The Jalal siblings, Mariwan known as Max, 20 and Arman, 18, won’t have a conviction filed against them for uploading the videos which demonstrate them cruising through the roads of Melbourne in Arabic dress and carrying fake firearms.

The siblings at first shot to acclaim when the dubious drive-by shooting videos were shared on social media.

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