NaMo Effect: Bengaluru Man Exposes ‘Hotel’s Trick To Adjusting Bills


Source:Indian express


Primary Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to demonetise high value currency notes and control black money holding on to and crime has made individuals across the country in complete disorder and misunderstandings.

Poor middle class

While on one side, there are individuals status in long lines outside ATMs and financial institutions,there are others who are trying to figure a way out of this unexpected distress, by some way or the other.

In this case, a Bengaluru man claims he captured hotels obviously trying to change black money into white-colored in a really brilliant way.

Midhun Noble took to Facebook to call out the resort, where he had gone to pick up meals for his workplace.

While most store owners and traders are requiring that any form of dealings be made either through online expenses or the new currency, Hotel Adigas in Bengaluru’s Cathedral Road instead were insistent that Noble will pay them in cash.

To his shock, the resort passed out marketplace with overdue frame.

They were obviously trying to force up the revenue over the several weeks and then remit the money as revenue done way before the PM’s statement.

Posting a picture of the invoice he was given, this is what Noble had written on Facebook.

“Yesterday I went to #Adigas resort in church street to order meals for my workplace. To my shock they rejected to agree to cards and was adament on paying by money.

After getting bill and verifying the time frame on bill it is given as 01/09/2016. What a brilliant way to change your guides and turn black money to white by forcing up the revenue over the previous months and remitting the amount as revenue done over the previous months.

Most of us don’t even read our expenses, so next time please ensure you spend a 20 secs on the bill details and insist expenses after every purchase.

It’s a pity such famous titles like Adigas is doing this. Let’s promote our PM’s initiatives.”

The prime minister’s demonetisation move has left lots of individuals trapped, with many not having money to pay medical center expenses or even buy the basic requirements.

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