The News Hour Management Says Goodbye to Arnab??


Three days after Arnab Goswami stop as the Editor-In-Chief of Times Now, it now seems the host may no more time appear on his leading display “The Newshour’.

That’s so bad

Though Goswami had stop on Tuesday, he hosted the show even on Thursday. He was expected to host the Friday’s Newshour, but an email from the control made it obvious that he was no more needed to do so, resources informed TNM.

Is Arnab happy with it?

What is the reason?

Promos presenting him were decreased after the e-mail, and instead of Goswami, anchor bolts Niranjan Narayanaswamy and Tanvi hosted the show.

Sources in the channel say that it is unlikely that Goswami will go back to the show that has lead the ranking maps for a long time.


On Tuesday, in what seemed like a last message to the audiences, a rather relaxed Goswami, with a half-smile, said “goodbye” to his audiences, “only for tonight”.

“Viewers many of you contacted to provide your opinions and talk up and be a part of the debate. I am really sorry, we are not getting phone calls live. So, I couldn’t talk with you, and I want you to know this evening, and every evening, providing ‘The Newshour’ to you has been my pleasure.

That your speech gives us durability, and that on ‘The Newshour’ this evening, and everything, atlast it is your speech and your contribution that matters. Only for this evening, goodnight ladies and Gentlemen farewell,” he said.

The reporters existing in the article meet, exclusively organised by Arnab to say about his choice to shift on, informed by the favored Newshour speaker that he had ‘resigned’ to take on new difficulties.

However, TV companies are abuzz with rumours on whether Arnab stop of his own decision or he appeared to step down.

One Mumbai-based Periods Now news reporter informed Janta Ka Reporter, “Most of us didn’t believe that his choice was unexpected. All was not well between him and the managers in the Times Team. Arnab had amazingly dropped out with his manager Vineet Jain in the latest several weeks creating his place in the route untenable.”

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