Shocking Video:Girl Tries To Kill Boy Over Cheating Prank

Love is one of the most powerful feelings known to humans. There are many kinds of affection, but most people seek its appearance in a connection with a suitable partner.

For some, romances are the most significant element in their lives, providing a way to obtain deep satisfaction.

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The capability to have a healthy, connection is not natural. Significant amounts of proof shows that the capability to form a well balanced connection starts in beginnings, in a child’s very first

encounters with a care provider who effectively satisfies the infant’s needs for food, care, protection, activation, and social contact.

Those connections are not success, but they appear to determine styles of pertaining to others. Unsuccessful connections happen for many reasons, and the failing of a connection is often a way to obtain excellent emotional distress.

Most of us have to work knowingly to master the skills necessary to make them succeed.

In this video we can see that the boyfriend wants to play a prank on her girl and therefore he did a text message to his phone by storing it as a girl’s name.

And went and slept besides her, as a ping was heard in the mobile.

She woke up and saw the message and started beating him, she was totally out of control as she felt that she was betrayed.

He was trying to convince her but couldnt

She took knife on her hand and started chasing him.

And all these he shot a video and and in between he smiles in the video

She was totally on her knees and was crying and screaming

“how can you do this to me?”

This shows the amount of love she has for him.


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