2 College Girls Fights with Boys Using Belts in the Bus

When three men started annoying two sibling sisters on a bus in India, the last thing they predicted was the ladies stunning back, beating their attackers with straps, while other travelers sat nonproductive.

It went popular and persuaded cops to police arrest the attackers.

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Bravo ladies!

Aarti, 22, and Pooja, 19, were coming back from Rohtak College to the city of Sonepat, India’s state of Haryana, when they were contacted by three men.

The occurrence occurred on Nov 15, but the information appeared in the local media only on Weekend.

The men – recognized later as Kuldeep, Mohit and Deepak – started annoying the ladies with dirty comments.

Shame on you guys!

“They confronted us and misused us. One of them moved my sis unnecessarily. They started making indecent actions,” one of the ladies informed the Hindustan Times.

She included that after “heated transactions, one of the guys called his friends asking him to overcome us up. One of them defeat my sis while two others captured hold of me.”

However, the ladies didn’t succumb: they mustered enough bravery to thrash the molesters with their hands and straps, trying to force them out of the bus.

“Then, I pulled out my buckle and bashed them. They forced us out of the bus when it bogged down down,” she said.

One of the travelers documented the movie on a cell phone, and the video went popular.

Not an individual in the bus raised a hand to help the younger ladies.

“None of the travelers came to our save. While some viewed the dilemma, others were frightened, worrying for their own safety,” one lady said.

Police later captured all three men on expenses of molestation and attack.

The girls’ dad informed the Indian Show that the groups of the charged “were pressuring us to take out the case and reach a settlement.”

Chair of the Nationwide Percentage for Females Lalitha Kumarmangalam recommended the younger ladies and advised the regulators to take appropriate activity.

“Few ladies have the center to take on the molesters. The federal govt should take activity. I would entice every Indian to come forward and help,” she included.

The issue of sex-related attacks on women in Indian has been the main attraction since the group sex-related attack of an individual on a Delhi bus in Dec 2012. That situation led to extensive demonstrations across the country and captivated extreme discussion over the privileges of ladies.

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