Note Ban Effect: Couple Caught Getting Intimate In Cashless ATM [Must Watch!]

Couple Intimate ATM

Love making in public places are common today especially in a developing country like India.

India is a very cultural and religious country which is being westernized generation by generation.

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Everywhere in this country if you see whether it is in the cinema theater or in hotel rooms or in car or any closed vehicle couples find their best place for romance.

So here in this video there are lovers romancing each other in an ATM. The environment of the ATM is also very much convenient with air condition for romance.

The door of the ATM also contains black sheets to make the ATM cabin cool.

And such black sheets avoids the people to peep from outside.

So they have all the privacy to make love.

Only thing is with the CCTV cameras and from this video it is very clear that people are very carefree about their images and social well being.

This live video footage is released by cops to warn the people particularly the more younger era and prevent them from doing such unethical stuff.

Surprisingly, this is not a remote incident to get noticed or two ATM concentrates.

As indicated by the resources, this is happening all over India and not a lot has been done to check this nuisance.

As indicated by the resources, now and again, ATM watch man asks money for the benefit of the couples romance.

It is very simple, they just need to put a board outside ATM, i.e. ATM is out of order

Currently, security sits outside, stays alert and couples benefit as much as possible from these activities.

This is an unexpected trend and a genuine frustration to the public everywhere.

These MMS footage has been added to the list of metro train romance or any kind of public display of affection and thereby adopting to the western culture.

Such people remain completely ignorant about their mms capture and their image drain. Unfortunately Youtube doesn’t carry any settings to delete some unwanted videos unless and until it is reported.

Last but not the least, loving is not a sin but it is not good to spoil our treasured Indian culture by displaying affections publicly.

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