The Best of Bollywood’s Love Making Scenes

Bollywood’s love making scenes in  has progressed a lot. Gone are those times when sex was portrayed by two blossoms the kiss or displaying sculptures of Khajuraho or a few a few moments of heavy rains!


The sex scene in Ishqiya is not the shiny type, but has more of the animalistic interest, without getting raw. This was Arshad Warsi’s first love-making scene, though none of that jitters can be seen on screen!

Band Baaja Baarat:-

BBB is a really lovely Yashraj movie that made Anushka Sharma a celebrity and presented us to the ever-energetic Ranveer Singh! Their chemistry in the video is like breads pakoda, crunchy from the outside yet smooth and attractive inside!

Their sex scene, one of the features of the video, is not the type where you instantly join bed – it’s slowly, needs a considerable a chance to develop up and with a lot of doubt, but when they lastly get to it, it’s all passion!


The real-life couple, Kareena and Saif, made a decision to display their fans an intro of their closeness in the magnificently shot sex scene, which, however, couldn’t preserve the video from bombing!


What’s a sex record without the addition of Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat? Though this particular field is almost structure to border duplicate of the field in Cheating (even the story is raised shamelessly from there…),

Anurag Basu has created sure the scene doesn’t look like an inexpensive replica and delivers temperature ranges increasing high!


The movie that made John Abraham the star and crowned Bipasha Basu, the queen of attraction, had some really intense moments.


One of the very few advantages in this Anurag Basu catastrophe (apart from fantastic cinematography) is the very hot chemistry between Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori. Their sex scene in the video is a great example of this!


In her first appearance Bollywood movie, Vidya Balan shows herself to be an celebrity who will be kept in mind for man years here on. She also has to carry out two sex moments with the film’s major characters.

Though we would rather neglect the field with a clearly unpleasant Sanjay Dutt, the other field with Saif Ali Khan is intense and magnificently done!

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