Video! WWE Diva Goes Naked As Opponent Rips Her Clothes In the Ring!

A shocking video has appeared on the Internet lately, that would leave you spellbound. It is right from the WWE arena where our favourite stars battle it out blood and bone!This time instead of the guys, it is the divas who are making the news.

The videos shows a fight between two hot divas from WWE, in the fight arena. The video is almost half a minute duration. It begins with the diva in grey attire lift her opponent and smack her down on the floor. Now you would say, what’s so special in this? This is a common sight in the arena.

Watch Video Here:-


The real drama begins right here. As the opponent lies on the floor (one with the black dress), the other one rolls her and simply tears off her clothes from behind! Can you imagine that? With she not wearing any under garments, she is left totally naked with her boobs popping out. Right in the middle of the ring! In front of the live audience.

There has been a handful of such incidences in the history of WWE. In the year 20017, Lilian Garcia seemed humiliated on the April 2, 2007 bout of Monday Night Raw when her dark lycra underwear were uncovered after ECW Champion Bobby Lashley ripped off her blue silk frilled skirt amidst the ring. Vince McMahon had placed himself in the middle of Garcia’s legs and underneath her skirt in a vain attempt to cover his recently shaven bald head.

Such incidences result into a huge rise in the searches on the web and platforms like YouTube which give these stars immense popularity. Now whether they want it this way or not, is an altogether different question. All things apart, this must be quite an embarrassing situation for anyone. Even though it is the western part of the world. With huge media exposure these days, it spreads like wild fire!

One feels that such things are scripted, especially in case of WWE bouts. All for TRP’s and attention! After all, it is a business and it has to sell.

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